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Architecture, Evolution Design, Interior Design Montreal, Interior Designer Montreal, Montreal, Westmount, Hampstead, TMR, Outremont


Architectural detailing transforms the shell of the house. We believe that lines and architectural detailing gives the house a distinctive style. Solid panel doors, mouldings and attention to details such as door knobs, dropped ceilings and lighting are some the elements that will make a statement. 

We work closely with our clients' needs and take into account every-day practical living, helping them through all aspects of the design process. 

Whether it's creating a well-appointed laundry space, or designing luxurious bathrooms, we make the experience easy and ensure every need is met.

Evolution Design, Interior Design Montreal, Interior Designer Montreal, Westmount, TMR, Hamsptead


Furniture, textiles, artwork and decorative accents are the language of each client's personal style and create comfort and individuality.

A plush carpet, a love-at-first-sight painting acquired during one's travels, a sentimental vase passed on from generation to generation, a fashion scarf turned into an accent pillow, all create a home layered in comfort, style and practical everyday living.

Architecture, Interior Design Montreal, Interior Designer Montreal, Isabelle Perez, Grant Kefalas, Westmount, Hampstead, TMR


We take pride in creating and developing beautiful custom made furniture.

Shagreen, linen, brass insert; materials are limitless. They add an element of uniqueness and style. We work closely with exceptional craftsmen who help make these one-of-a-kind pieces come to life.

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