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We've always been fascinated by the power of space, color and texture, and their ability to influence our mood and transform our lives. Our appreciation for architecture, art, fashion, travel and history has inspired us and led us to the creation of glamorous, comfortable and well-appointed design. 

Each new project is a journey we undertake with our client. We strive to give our clients everything they desire while being practical about everyday living. Our signature style is contemporary simplicity firmly grounded in the streamlined classics with understated glamour and sophistication. We have a comprehensive understanding of architecture, textiles and furniture design. 

We design specifically for each of our clients. Our role is to guide them through a design process and provide a vision that meets their needs, personality and luxurious living. It brings us the greatest pleasure to see our client enjoy and appreciate a newly appointed space. Ultimately, it is our clients who help us bring my work to life. 

We consider requests for projects in Montreal, Town of Mount-Royal, Westmount, Hampstead, Outremont, Senneville, Laurentians and Eastern Townships. For any other areas, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Isabelle & Grant


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